• Medical Equipment Ministry

    ICC stores and loans for free to those who need them various types medical aid equipment such as crutches, portable toilets, walkers, and wheelchairs.

  • Medical English Information Website:

    ICC sponsors an information website where you can find contact info for doctors and other medical professionals who speak English.

  • Mujeres Con Éxito

    ICC helps fund and serve this local ministry to the abandoned and abused women and their children in Ecuador. We help these women rebuild their lives and take care of their children through fundraising and volunteer work.

  • Hogar de Esperanza

    ICC is on standby to help this ministry to the sick and dying poor. Whenever an emergency arises at their shelter, ICC is on call to help with funds and volunteers.

  • Crea Tu Espacio

    ICC is constantly involved in helping this local ministry to immigrants and refugees. We provide volunteers and financial help for their programs to integrate these folks and their children into our local culture.

  • Sustainable Soup Kitchen

    Each week ICC sends volunteers to help this ministry serve simple meals to the immigrants and refugees in Cuenca. We also provide funds for purchasing food.

  • Orphanage Ministries

    Currently, ICC is working with the Los Piqueñitos de OSSO orphanage to provide volunteers and funding to take care of 22 very sick and/or disabled children.

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