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About Us

ICC is not a building but an exclusive community of Christians who believe in the transforming love of serving others.

Who We Are

ICC is a church without walls that believes all things are possible through Christ Jesus. Whether you’re a seeker, skeptic, or follower of Jesus, you’re welcome to join our church services which are designed to be enjoyed and not endured.

Our Values

At ICC we have only One Value. Our One Value is: Unconditional self-sacrificing, self-giving love for all life. For us this value is God, the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirt. Celebrating, living and being this kind of Love in our community and in the world is our ultimate concern.

Our Beliefs

Our community is formed by these 7 core beliefs. It is through these we believe we are transformed into being more like Christ and less like our human self. Those wishing to join our community will be asked to covenant with us. We believe in the transforming power of:


  • The Grace of God shown to us in Jesus Christ which causes us to repent of our sins and awaken to new life of self-giving love.
  • Celebrating weekly the good news Jesus preached and taught.
  • We believe in the transforming power of praying daily for the manifestation of The Spirit of Christ in our life and in the lives of all others.
  • Helping to execute love ministries of ICC by volunteering our time, and our talents.
  • Giving what funds we can to support the ministries of ICC financially.
  • Accepting and joyfully encouraging everyone with love and respect and not judging or condemning anyone.
  • Maintaining the unity of our community and not letting our personal political or social opinions, beliefs, doctrines and differences interfere with this in any way.

    Past and Present

    Noel and Christine Magee along with Juan and Diane Moreno were the founding members of ICC and still serve in our community. ICC officially began in June of 2012. In 2013 we called our first Pastor, Reverend David Small a retired United Methodist minster who had relocated to Cuenca. We moved several times over the years coming to our current location on Nicanor Agullar in April 2014 and in May of 2105,Pastor Small resigned to pursue his interests in hospice care. Shortly afterwards in August of 2015 we called Reverend Phil Kennemer who along with his wife Rebecca Kim were two of our original members. Pastor Phil continues to be our Pastor and in August of 2019 celebrated his 4th year with us.

    International Christian Community Leadership

    Vision Team

    Juan Moreno

    Originally from Cuenca, Juan lived in the US for more than 50 years before moving back to his hometown.  Today, Juan divides his time between Cuenca and Orlando.  Juan has deep roots within the Lutheran Church having been part of one of the original Lutheran families from Cuenca. The greatest gift that ICC brings to his spiritual life is allowing him to tangibly live out the mysteries, struggles and joys of building an authentically Christ-centered community in the midst of our many differences.

    Diane Moreno

    Diane has been a member of ICC since its beginning. She moved to Cuenca in 2010 and spends her retirement years from teaching between Cuenca and Orlando. She has, however, been visiting Cuenca since 1974. Diane comes from a long line of Lutherans as her grandfather was a Lutheran missionary from Sweden to the US in the early 1900’s. Diane’s spirit is filled by ICC’s great music, magnificent messages, varied ministries and wonderful fellowship.

    Noel & Christine Magee

    Noel and Christine Magee are founding members of ICC. They have been attending ICC since its inception in 2012. They moved to Cuenca from Rochester, New York where they attended Community of the Savior Church. What they enjoy most about ICC is the traditional style of worship which appeals to people from a variety of denominations, and the strong sense of community among those who attend.

    Management Group

    Doc Bayless

    Walter (Doc) Bayless has attended ICC since November 2017. Prior to moving to Cuenca, Doc lived in Sandy, Utah for 10 years where he attended Mountain View Christian Assembly. Doc especially appreciates ICC for its family-like atmosphere, the Gospel of love through service that our devoted Pastor shares in his weekly messages and his daily life and the exceptional choir that we get to enjoy each week.

    Phil Kennemer

    Pastor Kennemer began his preaching ministry at the International Christian Community in August of 2015. He attended the University of Texas where he received a master’s in theology and a doctorate in ministries.