Outreach Ministries (Obras de Amor)

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“If you don’t love your neighbor whom you have seen
you can’t love God whom you have not seen.”

– (1 John 4:20)

The great question facing all of us is: How can we better learn and better express love for our neighbors, for the earth that we share, and for God? A partial answer is to practice the way of Jesus. Following Jesus’ way is a never-ending process of

  • discovering that our neighbors are not just family, friends, and fellow church-goers, but also outsiders, outcasts, strangers, even enemies; and
  • as best we can addressing real-life needs with self-giving actions.

Each of us has our own unique aptitudes, motivations, abilities, and experiences. There are hundreds of ways we can creatively use these gifts to serve and love the community and country that has so warmly welcomed us.

At ICC we are supporting three foundations with special gifts:

. . . and through countless other unnamed obras de amor by members and participants of our community.