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July 12, 2016
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July 13, 2016
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Dr. Pablo Parra

Primary Doctor

Office: 07 288 5595 (ext. 2511)

Address: Hospital Monte Sinai – Miguel Cordero 6-11 y Av. Solano # 5111

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  1. William Baker says:

    Pablo is also board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology

  2. Richard A Mageau says:

    Dr Pablo is as close to a generalist-family doctor as you will find here and one of the best! After two small strokes, eye surgery and general health problems associated with + 75 years of age, I have come to rely on Dr. Pablo’s recommendations, his referrals and his general knowledge. Fluent in English, French and , of course, Spanish, he probably also manages some Yiddish and Flemish, as a result of his extensive studies in countries where these languages are spoken. Add to these criteria a friendly personality, charm and immense empathy, and you have defined Dr.Pablo, a great gentleman and a kind doctor who will take whatever time is needed to consult and examine you, all this for the more than reasonable rates charged here in Cuenca.

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